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Institutional Repository Hosting Service - how to Create a Repository | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

Repository Hosting Service

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The Institutional Repositories Hosting Service (SARI) is intended to be used by any of the scientific institutions and higher education for hosting your repository with individualization of their identity. In addition to customizing the image repository, each institution can also define and implement the settings and parameters as it deems appropriate to its organizational structure and its policies of self-archiving of publications and management of the repository.

The SARI is provided under SaaS (Software as a Service), ie, based on their own infrastructure of the project (hardware, hosting, connectivity, foundation systems, applications, perimeter security, backup service, monitoring and alarmist) whose management and operation is done by the project team. Additionally, the SARI provides backup of the contents deposited in repositories and a support service (helpdesk).

The operation and management of each repository is the responsibility of the institution to which it is associated. Accordingly, in the process of joining the service SARI beyond support for initial setup, the institutions also receive basic training targeted to managers and repository administrators.

The platform supports the SARI is DSpace (developed by MIT and HP, and software available as open source under a BSD license), version 1.6.2.

Are currently housed in the SARI the following repositories:

It is expected that the service SARI will be available to a wider and diverse range of national institutions (other universities, polytechnics, state laboratories, associated laboratories, etc.).

You can find here the service conditions of the Hosting Service.

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