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Repository Registry - how to Create a Repository | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

Register your Repository

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Once you have created a repository, it is important to register with the major registrars. These entities can provide directory services or aggregation services through international gateways.

Some of the leading registrars are:

ROAR - Registry of Open Access Repositories


The ROAR is an international directory of open access repositories managed by the University of Southampton. Each profile includes statistics repository growth and total number of records as well as the formats used. The address is used OAI-PMH to compile the information.

OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories


The OpenDOAR is a directory of open access repositories of the academic SHERPA project managed by the University of Nottingham. To be registered a repository must contain the same records with full text and accessible without any restriction. The repository is subject to validation and other automated manuals. Its features include obtaining lists of repositories to search the registry of repositories and their content.

Driver Search Portal


It consists of a wide network of repositories that are aggregated interdisciplinary regularly to help build a single search point. Contains more than 249 stores in 33 countries. Requirements as has the use of guidelines Driver [link].



The OpenAIRE aims to support the implementation of Open Access in Europe. Provides the means to promote and to realize the widespread adoption of Open Access policy, as set forth in the Guidelines for Open Access ERC Scientific Council and the Open Access pilot project of the European Commission. The registration of this project repositories is based on the service ROAR, so is this service which will register all the information and update your repository.



The OAIster is a search service based on OAI-PMH that covers not only open access repositories. Google Scholar uses this list of repositories to define the sources of information on open access.


Repository 66


This service is a mashup of information that uses data from ROAR and OpenDOAR based on Google Maps to create an interactive map of the archives.

ROARMAP - Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policies


This service is used to record the policy or mandate of your institution, associated with your repository. Allows you to monitor the adoption of policies related to open access repositories.

DSpace instances


In the case of your repository using DSpace, you can register your installation of DSpace on the website. Contains only basic information about the repository and serves only to monitor the implementation of DSpace installations.

Openarchives.org - Registered Data Providers


This service registers information sources based on OAI-PMH. By registering your repository allows you to perform a validation of their OAI interface.

DOAJ- Directory of Open Access Journals


This directory is only for registered open-access journals. Allows you to search for magazines and in some cases, their contents.