Página do Projecto RCAAP (Repositório Científico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal)

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Introduction - Create Repository - how to Create a Repository | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal


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An institutional repository is a digital collection of research output (journal articles, communications, conferences, theses and dissertations, etc.) of the members of an institution.

The number of institutional repositories (IR) in Portugal and abroad has grown significantly in recent years. The reasons for this fact is related to the expansion of knowledge and compliance to the principles of open access by the research and academic institutions, as well as by the growing understanding that the IR can be a powerful tool to manage and monitor the activities of research and simultaneously promote the image and impact of institutions and scientific results they produce.

Several organizations of reference at European level (such as the European University Association) or national (eg the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities and the Coordinating Council of the Polytechnic Institutes) have recommended the creation of institutional repositories.

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