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Self-archiving process - how to Archive items | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

The self-archive process

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Self-archiving involves the individual initiative of users / authors to archive their scientific work in an online platform. The process of self-archiving in the context of institutional repositories, involves a set of simple steps related to the description and job submission.

In the context of integrated repositories in SARI (Institutional Repositories Hosting Service), the process of self-archiving of the following steps:

processo de auto-arquivo

Hopefully publications deposited in the repositories should be immediately available in open access. However, the submission process, authors can define different types of access (access restricted or embargoed for a certain period of time) in accordance with any restrictions imposed by the copyright rules that apply. If in doubt, authors may use the services of support to copyright.

Usually, the deposit process requires the acceptance of a non-exclusive distribution license that allows the release of its scientific production with respect for copyright.

Your store may have a policy or mandate self-archiving. Find out about this issue with the repository administrator.

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