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The copyright belongs to the author, unless the author had transmitted/ transferred to third parties in a formal and explicit way (as usually happens in publishing in international journals). The conditions in which the author assigns their rights to third parties (usually the publisher) are variable. In many cases they continue to allow self-archiving a copy of the work into repositories.

The work published (in conference proceedings, journal, etc.) without the explicit transfer of rights does not affect the integrity of the rights of the author, including the right of self-archiving their work in repositories, or disseminate it by other means.

The Sherpa/RoMEO service was created to inform and enlighten on issues regarding to copyright and self-archiving into institutional repositories. The information on the policies of publishers and journals available through this service is collected and maintained by the SHERPA, with support from JISC, the Wellcome Trust and RLUK. Aspects related to the copyright of Portuguese scientific journals are managed under the Blimunda Project.

The lists that classify copyright policies, self-archiving and their publications are provided through a color coding, presenting a general summary of conditions and containing links to the publisher websites.

If you cannot find the journal or publisher you may request information about its policy and suggest its addition to the database by sending us a message. For information about copyright policy and self-archiving in some scientific journal, please identify it as fully as possible, indicating the full title, publisher (commercial) and ISSN, if available.

You can also request the publisher permission to self-archive your document, in case you do not know your self-archive policy, or if you forgot the terms of the contract who signed and/or if you want to deposit the document has already published long ago.

You can also consult updated statistics on the policies of publishers, to suggest any corrections or to recommend the inclusion of others.

This service is primarily for use by the academic community and all information is provided in this perspective. All information must be correct, but should not be taken as legally valid.

More information:

RoMEO Colours

Frequented Asked Questions

Request authorization from the publisher

Integrating Copyright service

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