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Self-archiving: advantages

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The self-archiving offers several advantages for researchers and authors of the scientific literature as to the institutions where they work.

Author advantages for open access self-archiving are the following: greatest visibility and potential impact on their work, and possibility of integration with other information systems (e.g. Curriculum management systems ...); access to the statistical data about work queries and downloads; ability to generate lists of individual publications or by unit; possibility to work as an archive (digital preservation);  availability to use persistent identifiers  for records, and to use one more indicator for the evaluation of scientific literature.

In terms of research institutions, the self-archiving in open access contributes to increase the visibility and "value" of the public institutions, to serve as a tangible indicator of its quality and contributes to the reform of the scholarly communication system, to expand access research results, and to regain control over the academic scientific publication.

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